List: The Best Places to Get Onam Sadhya in Qatar

With Keralites preparing to celebrate the Onam festival on the last week of August 2023, Indian restaurants in Doha Qatar, are gearing up to wow their guests with their grand Onam Sadhyas – as special standalone spreads or as part of their regular buffets.

What is Onam Sadhya

For those unfamiliar, Onam Sadhya (Onam Sadya) is a traditional feast comprising around 20 to 40 vegetarian dishes, traditionally served on a banana leaf.

Rice is the main staple, served along with other dishes such as sambar (mixed vegetable curry), parippu (lentil curry), rasam, kaalan, aviyal, olan, koottukari, erissery, pachadi, pulisseri, and thoran. The Onam Sadhya ends with different types of payasam served as dessert.

Generally, Onam Sadhya cuisine is mildly spiced and tastes delicious because it is not overcooked and does not include excessive amounts of spices. If you love South Indian food, it is one of the best experiences of traditional Kerala cuisine.

Where To Get Onam Sadhya in Qatar

Here is a listing of the restaurants in Doha serving the Sadhya on Thiru-Onam (Thiruvonam) day and the weekend. Please note that most of these restaurants require booking, especially for takeaway meals. So make sure you book your meals at least one day in advance.

Zaitoon Restaurant & Grills

Zaitoon Restaurant & Grills will serve “The Sadhya Box” with 28 items on 29 August 2023. The price is QR 39 for dine-in and QR 44 for take-away.

For bookings, contact:
Doha Branch: 4414 7575, 3374 7575
Salwa Road Branch: 4414 7676, 3137 7676

Zaitoon Onam Sadhya 2023

MRA Bakery & Restaurant

MRA Bakery & Restaurant, which has six branches in Qatar, will serve “Grand Onam Sadhya” with 30 items on 29th August 2023. The price is QR 39 for dine-in and QR 42 for take-away. They are also having “Buy 5 Get 1 Free” offer for the Sadhya.

To pre-order, contact: 4402 46666

MRA Onam Sadhya 2023

Calicut Notebook Restaurant

Calicut Notebook Restaurant is relatively new to Qatar but has established itself as a popular brand in the UAE and India. They will serve Onam Sadhya with 26 items. The price is QR 45 per box.

For pre-booking, contact: 444 22 619, 6002 3008, 662 22 619

Calicut Notebook Restaurant Onam Sadhya 2023

Chaya Kada

Chaya Kada, which has branches in Munthaza and Al-Wukair, will serve Onam Sadhya with 28 items on the 29th of August 2023. The price is QR 35 for dine-in and take-away.

They are also serving Mini Sadhya on the same day with 21 items for QR 25.

For bookings, contact:
Munthaza Branch: 4460 5989
Al-Wukair Branch: 4460 7989

Chaya Kada Qatar Onam Sadhya 2023

Kadavu Restaurant & Grill

Kadavu Restaurant& Grill in Bin Mahmoud will serve Onam Sadhya with 30 items on 29 August and 1 September. The price is QR 38 for take-away Onam Sadhya.

To pre-order, call: 6611 4492, 4442 4492.

Kadavu Restaurant Onam Sadhya 2023

Panoor Restaurant

Panoor Restaurant, which has branches in Mansoora, Wakra, Izgawa, and Al Khor, will serve Onam Sadhya with 32 items on the 29th of August. The price is QR 38 for dine-in and QR 40 for take-away.

Panoor Restaurant Qatar Onam Sadhya 2023

Al Osra Restaurant Qatar

Al Osra Restaurant will serve traditional Onam Sadhya with 30 items on 29th August. The price is QR 41 for dine-in and QR 43 for take-away. For bookings, call 4431 1661, 4431 9159.

Al Osra Restaurant Qatar Onam Sadhya 2023

You can also suggest restaurants we have missed out on, and we shall update it. Happy Onam to all!

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