Compare Indian School Fees in Qatar (Updated September 2021)

An affordable tuition fee is one of the deciding factors to consider while choosing the right school for your children. Qatar has many Indian schools with the CBSE curriculum, but their fees can vary considerably.

Here is a round-up of the annual Indian School fees in Qatar prepared after checking the published tuition fee on respective websites.

Indian School Fees in Qatar: Quick Facts

  • The average Indian school fees in Qatar for Kindergarten is around QR 550 per month.
  • The average Indian school fees in Qatar for Grade 1 is around QR 650 per month.
  • The average Indian school fees in Qatar for Grade 12 is around QR 1000 per month.

You can use this guide to compare the school fees and make the educational decisions that are right for your family budget.

For easy comparison, this list is sorted from the lowest to highest for Grade 1.

Please note that in addition to the tuition fees, it is important to consider other expenses that students may incur.

The transportation fee for these schools is between QR 2,400 and 4,800 per year (QR 200-400 per month). Some schools also charge an annual special fee of about QR 500-1000.

Compare Indian Schools Fees in Qatar
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Some schools offer discount in tuition fee if a sibling (brother or sister) is studying in the same school.

Indian School Fees in Qatar: Comparison Table

School NameKGI-2345-67-891011-12
Ideal Indian School3,7084,1404,140 4,4404,4404,4405,3165,3167,368
MES Indian School, Doha4,2524,7774,777 5,0405,0405,0406,0906,0908,295
Shantiniketan Indian School4,8505,3505,3505,3505,6505,6506,5506,5508,600
Noble Int. School5,3005,7756,3006,3006,8258,4009,45010,50010,500
The Scholars Int. School6,0506,3256,3256,325
Bhavans Public School, Matar5,5506,5496,5496,5497,599
Bhavans Public School, Wakra 5,6016,6516,6516,6517,6507,7017,7018,7518,751
Bhavans Public School, New Salata5,8296,8796,8796,8797,980
Greenwood Intl. School6,0007,0007,0007,0007,000
Galileo Intl. School6,0007,2007,2007,2007,8009,000
Birla Public School6,2008,0008,0008,0008,4319,10010,61510,61512,507
MES Indian School, Abu Hamour8,0008,0008,5008,5009,0009,000 10,00010,500
Brilliant Indian Intl. School7,5008,5008,5009,0009,000
DPS Modern Indian School6,0008,6738,6738,6739,3549,35411,40011,40012,762
Pearl School, Al Dafna9,0009,0009,0009,5009,50010,00010,000
Olive Int. School5,5009,2009,2009,7009,70011,20011,20012,700
Loyola Int. School, Al Nasr8,0009,2009,200 9,7009,700
Pearl School, Al Thumama8,4509,5009,5009,50010,500
Loyola Int. School, Al Wukair9,00010,20010,20011,00011,00012,00013,00013,00014,000
Doha Modern Indian School9,34511,39211,39211,39213,07213,07217,01017,01018,217
DPS Monarch Intl. School8,40011,55011,55011,55013,65014,25014,25016,050
Rajagiri Public School13,00015,00015,00015,00015,00017,00017,00018,00018,000
  • These are Annual Tuition Fees for the schools taken from their websites.
  • All figures are in Qatari Riyals.
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The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) is the government entity responsible for supporting and regulating education in Qatar. The tuition fee of each school has to be approved by the Ministry and is fee hike is allowed considering a number of factors.

We hope this guide would be useful to compare and plan for your children’s admissions, and plan your budget, especially for those moving to Qatar.

Disclaimer: We strive our best to keep this list updated. The fees listed are as per the school websites. We are not liable for any subsequent changes made to the fee structure. Feel free to let us know if any school has revised their fee and we shall update it.

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    Qatar ideal indian school(and some school) teachers not teaching properly , After the school timing and school time same teachers in same class taking special class and taking (dheeksha fees)more money, some teachers compelling to student to join this class (dheeksha) all parents need to inform this type of activity ministry and higher education ( supreme education council), Ideal Indian school every year increasing fees, they saying bulding maintanance and all reason, but if any person go to ideal school bath room and check the condition of toilets and how many have lock?

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