Qatar ID Card: Everything You Need To Know (2023)

National identity cards are identification documents issued by a nation’s government to its citizens and residents. Usually, they would have the holder’s photo, identification details and national identity number.

A Qatar ID card (commonly called QID) is used to prove a person’s identity and residency in Qatar. This article will discuss everything you need to know about Qatar ID cards.

There are broadly two types of Qatar IDs:

  • Cards issued to Qatari Citizens – titled “State of Qatar ID Card”, and
  • Cards issued to Expatriate Residents – titled “State of Qatar Residency Permit”.

Qatar ID Card Format

Qatar Citizen’s ID cards (National ID) contain the card holder’s photo, name, date of birth, nationality, ID number, expiry, and signature. Below is the design format of the ID card for Qatari citizens.

Qatar Citizens ID Card Design

Expatriate Residents’ cards (Residency Permit) contain the card holder’s photo, name, date of birth, nationality, occupation, employer details, passport details and signature. It would also contain the QID number and expiry date of the card. Below is what the QID for expatriate residents looks like.

Qatar Residents ID Card Design

For expatriate residents, two types of QID cards are available:

  • Regular plastic cards that are commonly used, and
  • Smart cards that allow access to government services.

Smart ID Cards

Qatar’s smart ID cards are plastic cards with an embedded electronic chip that contains digital data. These are more secure and can be used for online government transactions by inserting them into card readers.

Smart ID cards are issued to all citizens by default. Expatriate residents can get smart cards at an additional fee of QR 100.

One significant advantage of the smart card was the e-gate facility at the Hamad International Airport. However, the e-gate facility is now accessible even for residents with regular cards.

How To Apply For Qatar ID Card

The Qatar ID card will be issued after a new resident completes the medical check-up and fingerprinting process. The sponsor has to approach an MOI service centre with the visa, passport, photo, and fee for issuing a QID card. Usually, the card will be printed on the same day.

For newborn babies, the sponsor (father or mother, as the case may be) can apply for Qatar ID by submitting the birth certificate, baby passport, photo, parents’ QIDs, etc.

Qatar ID Card Photo

The required photo size for the Qatar ID card is 35 x 45 mm. For expatriates, the photo should be with blue background.

Qatar ID Card Validity

The card will be renewed for a minimum of one year. It can be renewed for up to five years for some categories.

Renewing Qatar ID Card

The Qatar ID card will be reprinted each time a resident’s visa is renewed. Only the sponsor can renew the QID on dependents or workers. A worker cannot renew his own QID.

In the case of a work visa, this will be by the employer. Residence renewal applications for govt, public and private company sponsorships can be made electronically.

In the case of family residence visa dependents, this process has to be done by the husband (or wife if she is the sponsor). For family and personal sponsorship, applications can be made online or physically at MOI services centres.

When the residence permit renewal is done online through the Metrash2 app or MOI website, the card will be delivered to the applicant’s address by Q-Post.

Please note that the Qatar ID card must be reprinted each time the holder’s visa or passport is renewed, or there is a change in personal information. This can be done by the worker or dependent through the Metrash app and doesn’t require the sponsor’s permission.

Here is our detailed guide on how to renew Qatar ID

Travelling With Qatar ID Card

Since 2015, Qatar ID has replaced the visa sticker in passports. Qatar residents must present a Qatar ID card during check-in and immigration for international travel.

Please note that the card must be valid during the date of travel. A resident will not be allowed to enter Qatar using an expired Qatar ID.

What to do if Qatar ID is lost?

If your Qatar ID card is lost while inside Qatar, you can request a new card using the “Replace Damaged/Lost ID” option in Metrash. This option is available under “Residency” services. You will need to pay QR 200 for replacement and an additional QR 20 if Q-Post delivery is needed.

If your Qatar ID card is lost outside Qatar, your sponsor can apply for a return permit. Please see our detailed guide on what to do if QID is lost during travel.

How To Check Qatar ID Status Online?

You can check the status of your Qatar ID by using the “Official Documents” feature on the Ministry of Interior website.

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FAQ On Qatar ID Card

How can I get Qatar ID card?

The Qatar ID card will be issued when a new resident completes the medical check-up and fingerprinting process. The parent should apply for the QID card for babies born in Qatar.

How much does Qatar ID renewal cost?

The annual fee for QID renewal is QR 500 for family sponsorship and QR 1000 for employees sponsored by businesses. For employees under personal sponsorship, the renewal fee is QR 300.

Should I carry the Qatar ID at all times?

Qatar residents must carry their Qatar IDs and show them to Police, CID and other security personnel when required. You can also show the QID image on your Metrash app’s E-Wallet feature.

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  1. Hello Doha Guides, you guys are doing great job. It is nice stumbling on your page online.
    My questions are
    1) I am on 2 years work visa and my QID will expire in May, 2023.
    How much to renew it and who will bear the cost; My employer or myself?

    2) Does the work visa expires?

    If yes, how much does it cost to renew?
    Please note I am on a Private Company Sponsorship.

  2. Sir, This is Sumaiya sir, my question is that i got my two years visa but when I arrived in the country, my entry Greece period has finished but my company are not responding me and I’ve already overstayed the Greece period so how can I get Qid? And can I stay without id or what should I do now?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Sumaiya, You are not authorised to stay in the country after the grace period. If your sponsor is not responding, please contact your Embassy in Qatar or Ministry of Labour.

      1. Hello Doha Guides, you guys are doing great job. It is nice stumbling on your page online.
        My questions are
        1) I am on 2 years work visa and my QID will expire in May, 2023.
        How much to renew it and who will bear the cost; My employer or myself?

        2) Does the work visa expires?

        If yes, how much does it cost to renew?
        Please note I am on a Private Company Sponsorship.

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Thanks OJ. Glad to be helpful.
          (1) The employer is responsible for renewing your QID.
          (2) The work visa will be automatically renewed with the QID. The expiry date on QID is what matters.
          The cost is QR 1000 per year. There is a 20% discount if renewing for 3 years.

  3. Hello there, My ID expired in march and I have not yet renewed because I was told that I have extra 3 months to renew. How true is this?

  4. Can i leave Qatar without Qid, im an expirate worker my company took my fingerprint and he hasn’t hand me my Qid is it requirement at the Airport to leave Qatar

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Tush, QID renewal is now instant on Metrash. If you have renewed and is looking to track your QID card delivery, you should check on the QPost website.

  5. Hello. I am on vacation right now. My QID is 2 weeks expired. Can I still enter in Qatar? I will go back this week.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Rome, Your airline may not allow you to board with an expired QID. Please contact you sponsor and get return permit.

      1. Hi. My QID is already renewed in the MOI online website. Also on Metrash2. Can i go vacation with the old QID card and come back? Is it gonna be problem exit and entering In Qatar with E-Gate system?
        Because my employer delaying to give me the new ID card copy.

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Adhian, There is no issue in leaving, but it may be a problem while returning back (during check-in at your home country). Some airlines will insist on seeing the renewed QID (while some may be OK with Metrash). Our advice is to try to get the new card before leaving.

  6. Hi sir, I’m Babu kutty coming to qatar By April 12th 2023. I got resident visa for 2 years. Do i need to renew QID after one year or 2 years and how much does it cost.

    Please let me know.
    Babu kutty

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Babu Kutty, After you reach Qatar, you will be issued your Qatar ID Card. You should renew it before the expiry date given on the card. Normally your company (employer) will do the renewal and pay the renewal expenses. Employees should not be charged for that. The cost is QR 1000 per year (20% discount if renewing for 3 years).

  7. Hi I am Pradeep Mahadeva

    My Qatar id card expired but Mithras app I check Qatar id renewed and I don’t have with new id I am now india how to travel Qatar please help me

    With out id possible travel to Qatar

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Pradeep, Please check with your airline if they will accept the QID shown on your Metrash app (Wallet option). Airlines can also check the QID validity on the MOI website.

  8. Hi doha guides,
    Can holders of the QID enter the rest of the gulf countries like Dubai or abu Dhabi or Saudi Arabia?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Aymene, No, QID holders need visa to enter other countries. With Qatar ID it may be easier to get visa in GCC countries. In some GCC countries, some professions are eligible for visa on arrival.

  9. Hi 🙂

    Question regarding name change (and whether or not it is required).

    I got married in the UK recently and my name has now changed on my passport. My surname is still my maiden name on my QID.

    To change my name on QID, it will cost substantial money for the attestations, newspapers publications, etc, etc. And also takes a long time. My QID expiry date is beyond when I plan to leave Qatar and go back home so…

    My question is: is it necessary to change my name on QID? Or can I keep my maiden name on my QID? I will not be travelling until I leave the country so won’t need it for travelling purposes.

    The only other issue is, my passport details (number and expiry) have also changed. Can I change these details and not the name?

    Does this make my QID invalid? Or is it still a valid visa? There is so little information about this and the process to change name on QID is so intense and expensive!!

    Thanks for the advice in advance!

    1. Hi Darwin, If the family visa is approved and they have entered Qatar, take your wife for medical test (Medical Commission) and fingerprint. Medical is not required for children, but take the children’s passports + visa to Medical Commission and ask if there is any procedure for children. Earlier they used to charge a fee for children, but we heard they don’t need that anymore.
      Once the medical and fingerprint is approved, go to any MOI Service Center with all the documents: Your passport and QID + Family’s passports, visas, photos and birth certificates (for children). Take with you originals and copies for all documents.

  10. Hi Sir or Madam, I am Omar manneh currently living in Qatar but I want to apply for Qatar Id card please kindly accept this message and help me please. Thank you

  11. Hi DG i have minimum 3 month Bank statement and pay advice I can Apply family residence Visa ,other necessary documents its available can proceed to apply this end of month .

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Sriram, Chances of approval with 3 months’ bank statements are less. Recently some others were rejected even with 5 months statement. This may work if you are working in public sector. If you want to bring your family quickly you can apply for a family visit visa and later convert that to a residence visa (after 2-3 months).

  12. can I pay for my QID myself for a freelancer after making my medical and finger printing.
    And what are the documents required

  13. I have been in Qatar for 4months without Qid and I have done the medical and fingerprints even I have sign the contract. What can I do

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Blessing, If you have already done medical and fingerprint, your sponsor can get your QID in a single day. If he is busy, keep reminding him.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Oladipupo, The Qatar ID process should be done by your employer. Once the medical and finger print is completed, QID can be printed in a few days.

  14. Hello, Is there anyway to get a QID for a U.S. based employer sending employees to work on projects in Qatar? Would the Employer listed on the QID be my company or the Qatari Visa Sponsor.


  15. Please our agent brought as saying our sponsor has a company not knowing is a liar.The sponsor on our visa doesn’t exist what should we do

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