Guide To Qatar’s COVID Restrictions (May 2021)

On 7th April 2021, Qatar’s Cabinet has decided to reimpose further measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This article summarises the COVID restrictions that are currently in place.

The latest decisions include reducing employees in public and private companies to 50 per cent, closing museums, libraries, nurseries, not allowing gatherings in public parks and corniche, stopping metro services on weekends etc.

The decisions will go into effect starting Friday 9th April, 2021, until further notice.

Latest Updated on COVID Restrictions in Qatar

According to Qatar News Agency, after reviewing the report of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management regarding the plan to re-impose restrictions due to the Corona pandemic, and for the sake of health and the safety of all members of society, Cabinet decided the following restrictions.

We have summarised the text to be table format for easy reference.


Attendance: Government Sector50 per cent employees (rest of the employees to work remotely from their homes or on request) with the exception of the military, security and health sectors.
Attendance: Private Sector50 per cent employees (rest of the employees to work remotely from their homes or on request). Ministry of Trade and Industry, in coordination with the concerned authorities, to determine the necessary activities that are excluded from this decision.
Meetings: Government SectorAll meetings to be online; In case this is not possible, and in cases of necessity, maximum 5 persons per meeting (adhere to procedures and precautionary measures).
Meetings: Private SectorAll meetings to be online; In case this is not possible, and in cases of necessity, maximum 5 persons per meeting (adhere to procedures and precautionary measures).

While Leaving Home

Wearing masks when leaving the houseCompulsory for all (except when driving alone)
Activating Ehteraz app when leaving the houseCompulsory for all


Mosques (daily prayers and Friday prayers)Open for daily prayers; Tarawih prayers to be performed at homes; Children under 12 years old are not allowed to enter
Toilets and ablution facilities at MosquesClosed

Social Gatherings

Social gatherings at closed places (Homes, Majlis etc.)Not allowed
Social gatherings at open placesMaximum of 5 people who have completed COVID-19 vaccination
Winter campsOnly family members who live in the same house
Weddings (in closed or open space)Not allowed

13 APRIL 2021 UPDATE: The Ministry has clarified the rules for gathering as below:

  • No indoor gatherings are permitted apart from families living in the same house.
  • An individual, or family (including children) from the same household, can go to parks, beaches and public spaces and perform activities including running, walking, swimming and cycling, but they cannot sit down together, have picnics or gather with others.
  • For outdoor gatherings, these are only permitted within the outdoor home environment (gardens and outdoor home areas) for the following: 
       – Gatherings of family members living in the same household 
       – Gatherings of up to five fully vaccinated individuals (14 days after second dose)
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Public Parks, Beaches and Corniche

Playgrounds and exercise equipmentClosed
Gatherings or SittingNot allowed
Walking, Jogging and CyclingAllowed


Maximum capacity in vehiclesFour people (including the driver) with the exception of family members residing in the same house.
People transported by bus50 per cent of the bus capacity (while taking precautions measures)
Metro services and public transport20 per cent on weekdays; Closed on Fridays and Saturdays; Public transport services to stop the operation in some lines.
Driving schoolsClosed
Rental services of boats, tourist yachts and pleasure boatsNot allowed (except for family members residing in the same house); Maximum 5 from non-family members, provided that they have completed COVID-19 vaccination.

Private Health care

Private health care facilitiesServices can be resumed not exceeding 50 percent of capacity (from 29th April 2021).

Education Centres

Schools & KindergartensOnline classes only (From 4th April 2021)
Private educational and training centresOnline programs only
Centres for people with special needsIndividual educational sessions allowed

Shopping Malls (Commercial Complexes)

OccupancyMaximum 30 per cent capacity
Entry for childrenNo entry for children under 16 years
Prayer areas insideClosed
Food courts insideClosed
Restaurants insideHome deliveries and pickup orders only

Restaurants & Cafes

Indoor Restaurants and CafesTake-out and delivery only
Outdoor Restaurants and CafesTake-out and delivery only
Restaurants and Cafes with “Clean Qatar” programme certificateTake-out and delivery only

Public Places

Public museumsClosed
LibrariesQatar National Library will reopen on 30th May and visitors will be allowed through appointments.
Traditional marketsMaximum 30 per cent capacity, Children under 16 not allowed
Wholesale marketsMaximum 30 per cent capacity, Children under 16 not allowed


Theatrical performancesOnly with MOPH approval
Exhibitions, conferences and various eventsOnly with MOPH approval
Amusement parks and all entertainment centresClosed

Sports & Fitness Facilities

Health clubs and physical training clubsClosed
Massage services, saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzi services, and Moroccan and Turkish bathsClosed (except gyms in hotels for guests)
Swimming pools and water parksClosed
Training of sports teamsNot allowed (except for preparatory training for local and international tournaments approved for teams within the bubble system)
Local and international sporting eventsOnly with MOPH approval

Misc Services

Beauty and hair salonsClosed
Services by cleaning and hospitality companiesNot allowed during working hours; Full capacity outside the working hours; Services at houses by one person only

The conditions and precautionary measures set by the Ministry of Public Health must be taken into consideration.

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The Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and other governmental bodies are in charge of taking the necessary measures to ensure adherence to the precautionary measures, all within their powers and jurisdiction.

The Cabinet noted the continuation of the current travel and return policy to the State of Qatar.

Reference: QNA, The Peninsula

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