How to Change Job in Qatar Without NOC (2024)

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Stuck in a job that isn’t you? Ready for a career change but have no idea what else you could do – or where to start? Here is some good news for you.

According to the updated labour law announced in 2020, all workers in the State of Qatar, whether on fixed-term contracts or open-ended contracts, can change jobs without having to obtain NOC anytime during their contract period.

This article explains the procedure by which expatriate workers can change jobs in Qatar without the need for NOC from their current employer.

New Updates to Change Sponsor in Qatar

As of 2024, there seems to be some changes to the online portal. Nowadays the current sponsor is being asked to approve the sponsor change request online. However the MOL website doesn’t mention about such a change. If you are not sure, please seek the assistance of a PRO or typing center.

Procedure to Change Job in Qatar

The steps to change jobs in Qatar, as explained by the Ministry of Labour (since July 2022), are as follows:

Step 1: The worker applies through the Ministry of Labour e-system

a) The worker wishing for a transfer of sponsorship must download and print the Change Employer Form from the Ministry of Labour (MoL) website.

Qatar Change Employer Form
Change of Employer Form

b) After printing, fill in the “Change of Employer” form with all requested information, and sign the form. The form must also be signed and stamped by the new employer. The new employer’s signature is enough if the worker is changing jobs to work in a private household. Take a picture or scan the filled form.

c) Log in to the Ministry’s electronic portal using the worker’s Qatar ID (QID) number and mobile number, and upload a copy of the signed form. The mobile phone number you use to log in must be linked to your QID. Once you have entered the system, upload the completed and signed form.

NOTE: The date on which you submit the “Change of Employer” form will be the start date of your notice period with your current employer.

  • For specialized professions, you should attach a certified copy of the educational qualification and a license of practice from the concerned authorities in the country.
  • A health insurance certificate is required if the worker is over 60 years old.

Step 2: Employer Change (EC) number is generated

After submitting the application, an Employer Change (EC) number will appear on the screen. This number confirms that the application has been successfully submitted.

Make a note of the EC number (write it down, take a screenshot, or take a photo). You can use this number in the future to check the status of the application.

Step 3: The Ministry will process the application

The competent department at the Ministry of Labour will process the application. The Ministry may reject an application if the form is not completed correctly or if the new employer does not meet the eligibility to hire new workers. In case the application is incomplete, further information will be requested.

The worker can check the status of his application on the MoL website using his QID and EC number.

Step 4: The worker and employers receive an SMS from the Ministry

After processing the application, text messages (SMS) will be sent from the Ministry to the worker, the old employer and the new employer.

The SMS will also include the notice period to be completed.

  • If the worker has worked with the employer for two years or less, the notice period is one month.
  • The notice period is two months if the worker has worked with the employer for more than two years.

During the notice period, the worker must continue working with his current employer unless he and his employer have mutually agreed to shorten it.

Step 5: New employer initiates electronic contract

Upon completion of the notice period, the new employer will prepare the multilingual employment contract using MoL’s Digital Authentication System.

This process must be completed within three months from the end of the worker’s notice period. Once all the information is filled out, the new employer will print the employment contract for the worker and the employer to sign. The worker can sign the contract if he/she agrees to its provisions.

  • Upon signing the contract, the new employer will upload it to the Ministry’s website for authentication.
  • After the employment contract is finalized, the new employer must provide a copy to the employee.

Step 6: Request for new QID

When the contract is authenticated, the new employer should submit a request for a new QID to the Ministry of Interior through Metrash2 or the Ministry of Interior website.

Step 7: Worker starts his/her new job

Once the worker receives a new QID, he/she can start the new job.

Change Job in Qatar

NOTE: Both workers and employers can download a copy of the employment contract at any time through the MoL portal.

The steps above apply to private-sector workers covered by Labour Law No. 14 of 2004, agricultural and grazing workers, domestic workers and fishermen.

Steps For Terminating Employment and Leaving Qatar

  • Download, the Leave Country Form from the Ministry of Labour website.
  • Fill it up and sign
Qatar Leave Country Form
Qatar Leave Country Form

The application will be processed by the competent department at the Ministry of Labour, and a confirmation will be sent by text message within a week of the date of the submission of the application, confirming the required notice period.

Notice Period

If the worker has worked with the employer for two years or less, the notice period is one month. The notice period is two months if the worker has worked with the employer for more than two years.

Employee’s Service PeriodRequired Notice Period
Two years or lessOne month
More than two yearsTwo months
The notice period for employees changing jobs in Qatar

The employer should continue to pay the wage and other benefits to the worker during the notice period, per the employment contract. The employer must also continue to provide food and accommodation (or the relevant allowances) until the termination date.

What happens if a worker does not honour the notice period?

If a worker terminates his/her contract without observing the notice period, he/she must pay the employer compensation equivalent to his/her basic wage for the notice period or the remaining part of the notice period (if partially completed). This is calculated as an amount equivalent to the basic wage for the remaining part of the notice period.

For example: If the worker’s basic wage is QAR 2,000 per month and the worker stops working two weeks before the end of a one-month notice period, he/she will have to pay his/her employer QAR 1,000 to terminate the contract legally.

NOTE: If the worker leaves Qatar without giving a notification or completing the notice period during the probation period, the worker will not be able to return to work in Qatar for one year.

Can I agree with my current employer not to fulfil my notice period?

You and your current employer can agree not to fulfil the notice period. If this is the case, you can attach a letter signed by you and your current employer.

Signed letters should explicitly state that you and your current employer have agreed not to observe the notice period stipulated by law. When determining the notice period, MoL will consider the mutual agreement.

Termination During Sponsorship Change

Can my current employer cancel my QID after I submit my application to change jobs?

The current employer cannot cancel your QID or file a false absconding case against you once you have submitted your electronic notification through MoL’s electronic notification system.

What can I do if my employer cancels my QID before I submit my application?

If your current employer cancels your QID before submitting your application, you must first submit a complaint through the MoL’s Unified Platform for Complaints and Whistleblowers or by visiting its office.

  • Following the Ministry’s review of your complaint, you will need to submit a signed letter in Arabic to the Head of the Labour Relations Department requesting the reactivation of your QID.
  • You should include a brief explanation in your letter as to why you requested your QID’s reactivation. Be sure to include your QID and mobile phone number in the letter.
  • You should also submit a copy of your QID, the SMS notifying you of the cancellation of your QID, and a copy of the new job offer along with the signed letter.
  • Keep a copy of these documents for your records.
  • To reactivate your QID, MoL will coordinate with the Ministry of Interior. Your QID status can be checked through Metrash.
  • You can apply to change jobs using MoL’s electronic notification system once your QID has been reactivated.

Can I cancel my application to change jobs?

You can cancel your job change application if it is still under review through MoL’s electronic notification system. You can access MoL’s electronic notification system by entering your QID and mobile numbers.

If you wish to cancel your application to change jobs after receiving approval from the Ministry but before your new employment contract has been authenticated, you must submit a written request to MoL.

To cancel your application, you must submit a signed letter in Arabic addressed to the Head of the Labour Relations Department. You should include a brief explanation of why you are cancelling your application, your EC number, a copy of your QID, and your mobile number in the letter.

Probation Period

The employment contract may contain a clause that the worker shall be subject to a probation period agreed upon by both parties. The probation period should not exceed six months from the date of joining, and the worker should not be subject to more than one probationary period with the same employer.

Employer Change During Probation

A worker may terminate the employment contract within the probation period, provided the worker complies with the following:

  • The worker must notify the current employer at least one month before leaving the job through MoL’s electronic system.
  • The worker’s new employer must compensate the current employer a portion of the recruitment fees and a one-way air ticket at the level agreed to by the current and new employers (not exceeding two months of the current basic wage). The compensation amount should be discussed between the new and old employer.

Termination During Probation

An employer may terminate a worker’s employment contract during the probation period if the employer finds out that the worker is unfit to carry out his/her duties. The employer must notify the worker at least one month before the termination through MoL’s electronic system.

Upon termination of the employment contract, if the worker returns to his/her country, the employer must cover the expenses of the return plane ticket.

End of Service Benefits

If the worker completed at least one year of employment and the contract was not terminated for committing any of the violations described in Article 61 of the Labour Law, the employer must still pay the worker his/her end-of-service benefits, accrued annual leave not taken and any other benefits stipulated by Labour Law No. 14 of 2004 and the signed employment contract.

End of Service Gratuity Calculator in English

If the employer terminates the contract without observing the notice period, he/she must pay the worker compensation equivalent to the worker’s basic wage for the notice period or the remaining duration of the notice period.

Workers Entitlement During Changing Job

Non-Compete Clause in Labour Contract

Employers can only include a non-compete clause in the employment contract if the nature of the employee’s work puts him/her in a position to know the employer’s clients or the business’s secrets.

This means that after the contract termination, the employee cannot compete with the employer or participate in any competing business in the same economic sector. The duration of the non-compete clause cannot exceed one year from the date of leaving employment.

MoL has assured to issue a regulation to clarify further the provisions related to the non-compete clauses.

Non-compete Clause in Employment Contract

Cost of Return Flight Ticket

The employer must complete the worker’s repatriation procedures, including bearing the cost of a return air ticket to his/her country of residence within a maximum of two weeks from contract expiration. If the worker joins another employer before leaving the country, the repatriation obligation shall be incumbent upon the new employer.

In cases where the worker terminates the employment contract before its end and plans to leave Qatar while respecting the notice period (outside of the scope of amended Article 51 of the Labour Law), the employer shall cover part of the cost of the return air ticket proportional to the actual employment duration the worker completed out of the entire term of the employment contract.

The employer has the right to claim any charges and costs related to training the workers and obtaining a driving license from the new employer as per the law, which safeguards the rights of the employer and employee.

If I have not been paid my wages, do I still have to give notice before changing jobs?

Suppose the current employer has not fulfilled his/her legal obligations (including payment of wages). In that case, the worker can change jobs without giving any notice per amended Article (51) of the Labour Law. The worker should submit a complaint to the Ministry of Labour.

Changing Job If Employer Not Paying Salary

Other Conditions for Changing Job

  • The new employer should have the approval of the same nationality, gender and profession. For example, an “Indian male accountant” who wants to leave his current employer and join another firm can be hired only by a company that has the approval to employ an “Indian male accountant”.
  • There should be no restrictions against the new employer to stop the change.

Time Period for Change of Job

If the expatriate has completed the required contract period and has a new job contract and visa, he can immediately come back (even on the next day).

  • If there is no job contract, the expatriate has to leave Qatar within a week of cancelling the residence permit.
  • In special cases like termination by the employer, MoL may allow expatriates up to three months to find a new job.

When the expatriate has found a new job, he will be required to return to the Ministry and present the new employment contract. Expatriates who do not find work within this period must leave Qatar.

Expenses for Change of Job

Fees for Employer Change

The employer change service is free of charge for workers and employers.

Important Points to Note

  • The new law does not require existing employees to sign new contracts.
  • Under the new law, service periods are calculated from the day employees start working for their employer.
  • This includes all days of employment accumulated before the implementation of Law No 21 of 2015.
  • All prospective expatriate workers can see a copy of their job contract before leaving their country of origin, as obtaining a work visa will now require a job contract approved by MoL.
  • Expatriates who leave Qatar and have had their employment and Residency Permit terminated will be able to return to Qatar to take up new employment immediately after being granted a new visa.
  • However, this will not be the case for workers who have been found guilty of misconduct whilst working for their previous employer in Qatar. Such workers will face four years ban.
  • Employers who have confiscated passports can be fined up to QR 25,000 per worker. When enacted, this will be the toughest financial penalty against passport confiscation within the region.

PLEASE NOTE: The job change process and filling up these forms can confuse some workers. If you are unsure how to proceed, please get this done through a reputed typing centre or PRO. They would be able to guide you on the exact process.

Due to the high volume of applications nowadays, this process reportedly takes several weeks. So please be patient if you do not get a response soon.

History of Qatar’s Labour Reforms

Law No 21 of 2015, which deals with expatriates’ entry, exit, and residency, abolished Qatar’s existing Kafala (sponsorship) system, replacing it with a modernised, contract-based system. After Qatar’s new sponsorship law came into force in December 2016, the automatic two-year ban was removed.

In September 2020 Qatar Government announced that an NOC would not be required for employer change, subject to certain conditions. The new law has been published in the official Gazette.

In recent years Qatar’s Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (ADLSA) launched a series of laws and policies aimed at workers’ well-being, improved conditions, and greater labour mobility. Qatar’s Ministry of Labour (MoL) is now carrying forward the reforms initiated by MADLSA.

For more information, you can contact the Ministry of Labour on the Hotline Number 16008 or send an email to [email protected].

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FAQ on Changing Jobs in Qatar

Can I change my job in Qatar without NOC?

Yes, as per the new law, all employees can change jobs without having to obtain NOC anytime during their contract period.

How long is the notice period before changing employers?

If the worker has worked with the employer for two years or less, the notice period is one month. The notice period is two months if the worker has worked with the employer for more than two years.

Can I just leave Qatar and come back again to start a new job?

No, If you leave Qatar without giving a notification or completing your notice period, you will not be able to return to work in Qatar for one year.

Can my employer terminate me without a notice period?

If the employer terminates the contract without observing the notice period, he/she must pay the worker compensation equivalent to the worker’s basic wage for the notice period or the remaining duration of the notice period.

Can my employer keep my passport without my consent?

No, employers who have confiscated passports can be fined up to QR 25,000 per worker.

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    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Priya, Your old company (original sponsor) needs to cancel your visa or give NOC for transfer. If you cannot contact them, you need to file a complaint with Labour Department.

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    What if my present employer not allowing me to work until last date of working date received from ADLSA message.

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      Hi Althaf, The employer has the right to decide how long you can work. You can request employer to inform ADLSA to change the notice period. If notice period is removed, your new employer can upload new contract soon.

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  4. Can I change sponsorship from home worker to I’m a house driver and I want to change in limousine company.

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      Hi Kamil, It is possible, but the process is different in such cases. Please check with any typing center.

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    My initial contract was on another job.

    Now company has put an objection on my application, please tell how can I sort this our.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Felix, This will depend on what is the reason for objection. If it is a valid reason it would be difficult to proceed.

  6. Louie Bacolcol

    Hi! I’m closing to my year here in Qatar and I just want to resign to look for a new and better job. Can I leave Qatar not finished my contract via resignation and apply for a new job again from my country? Will Qatar government ban me or not? Thank you!

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      Hi Louie, If your employer allows you to leave and cancels your visa from their side, there will be no ban. If you leave without cancelling visa, you cannot come back immediately.

      1. hello Doha guides.
        i changed from my first company to another company, how long can I spend with my second company so that I can be able to change to a new job, thanks.

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Samson, If your second company gives NOC, you can change any time. If you won’t get NOC, try to stay at least for 1 year or else there is chance of rejection.

  7. One of my employees resigned and want to transfer visa to the new company. But he still didn’t get adlsa approval and already finished 30 days of notice period with us. Now I am afraid if the new company hires him even without second message and moi finds out so we get a fine , right? Or employee should work with the current company until he receives approval for adlsa and exact date when visa transfer is approved for ?
    So should he continue working with us or can just stay at home waiting for adlsa approval ? Thanks,

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Dani, As a sponsor you have to right to relieve the employee from notice period. You will need to submit a signed letter to the Ministry that both employer and employee have agreed to change job without notice period. Since the process is already taking long time, it is better that your PRO visits Ministry of Labour office with this letter and sorts this out.

  8. Hi Good Morning,

    If I’m changing sponsorship from company to husband’s visa, is this the same process to follow? I’m staying with the same company also. Can you tell me which requirements to add?


    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Lenore, Please contact your company’s PRO for this as it requires consent from your employer. Also your husband should have QR 15,000 salary to sponsor family.

      1. Hi DGT,

        Yes we already have an NOC letter from my company, so they are aware. But I’m just confused as to how to start with the process.


  9. Hi
    Can my current employer cancel my application for sponsorship change after second message from ADLSA mentioning notice period.

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      Hi Ajay, Employer cannot cancel the application, but can raise an objection to Labour Ministry if there is a solid reason. Most employers will not do that.

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    I have applied for a job change with resignation acceptance of 30 days….My current employer has alligned for 30 days notice period in resignation acceptance letter.

    When approval comes from ADLSA its 60 days in message. ..

    Kindly guide in this scenario.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Salman, This is because you have completed two years. In that case your old employer has to issue a signed letter to ADLSA requesting for reduced notice period. Ideally this letter should have been attached when you applied online for change of job. Now you will have to contact ADLSA office directly.

  11. I am changing my job to a new company with NOC. Wanted to know in the change process time is it mandatory for me to be in Qatar, as am planning for a vacation.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Roby, Change process is done through online (ADLSA website). You can do this through your new company’s PRO or through any typing center. Note that your employer also will get notification about this and you are supposed to complete your notice period. If you have already discussed change of job with your employer and it is urgent, you can leave the country.

  12. Hi there!
    I want to know that if we come on sponsered visa( Visa charges paid by the employer) but the entry ticket to qarar paid by the worker. When worker joined the job but within a month the employer is terminating the worker for some reasons. As per qatar law employer will repay the amount of entry
    airline ticket to the worker or not and also what will be the other cost and benefits will be given to the worker for leaving Qatar from the employer.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Deep, As per the Labour Law employer is supposed to pay the costs of entry and exit tickets as well as all salary due for the period of work. Gratuity is not payable as the employees has not completed 1 year.

  13. Hi Sir!
    I’m Working around 5 months and I got ID from Current employer. I got a good offer from another company. Can I change my job from current employer to new employer?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Anees, Try speaking with your current employer. Since it is only 5 months, it is better to get NOC from your employer. In some cases, your new employer may be required to share some visa costs as you haven’t even completed 6 months.

    2. Dear Anees, may i know your current job update, did you change job ? My number is 70469628 please whatsapp me update. Thank you

  14. When I apply for a Noc through online without my current employer permission , will they can cancel or reject the application
    And if they cancel the application what can I do ?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Goutham, Once you apply for change of job through the system, you employer will get a notification. If they have valid reason, they can raise an objection. But they cannot cancel the application.

  15. I resigned and was accepted by my old employer. Surprisingly, now they are requesting me to leave the country. They never mentioned it during my request and notice period. They accepted my resignation and my manager knew about my transfer. Now, is it possible for me to transfer to my new employer? My new employer cannot request my transfer online as my old company put a requests in system.

  16. Dear Sir,
    I got an offer from semi govt and I am working in present employer for the last 5 and half years. Do I need NOC from the existing employer? What if employer is not ready to give NOC? Can my new employer can apply without old employer’s NOC? Will it be approved?
    Kindly let me I am really worried about this.
    I dont want to loose both cases.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Babu, You need to discuss this with your new employer’s PRO as the rules are slightly different for semi-government.

  17. Hi, I had an job opportunity 3 months back I submitted my resignation via email and employer did not accepted it while after a month responded back that you will be released after December (after FIFA), now they have suddenly accepted my resignation and asked to finish by 31st January and they will provide all the EOS and they will apply the QID cancellation which is less than one month notice also they are not providing the NOC.

    would I be able to apply for another job after leaving the country and can I come back to the new job in Qatar? do this process still requires the NOC? please advice what is the right way?

  18. Hi. Good morning. I just want to have an idea about changing company from freelance company to new company.

    I am freelancer in my current company for 7 months already, the contract to them is 5 yrs. And I tried to ask NOC to my freelance company, I have plan to transfer to new company., but my freelance company told me I need to pay them QR 3,500 for my NOC to transfer to my new company.

    I just want to ask if I really need to pay QR 3,500 for unfinished contract, before they giving me NOC to transfer to other company.?

    1. Hello i have completed 1 year and 3 month in my current company as they are Qatar Airways property my visa is sponsored by QATAR AIRWAYS, i have got an offer from another company they said they are private company but because of some reasons they are government classified, i have got good offer but my current employer are not providing me NOC because i haven’t completed 2 years, i informed this to new employer they said we can try without NOC but it may get rejected.but i informed them i have already resigned from my current job what should i do if it get rejected, as per them they can’t do anything in that case, i told them i can go back to India and come back on my own expense you guys have to just provide me with new visa it’s very simple, but they are saying we don’t have india in our quota what should i do in this case please let me know I’m very confused and worried about all this situation because I’m loosing both jobs in this case!

      1. Doha Guides Team

        Hi Akram, If you have already submitted resignation, try to speak with your current employer and leave on good terms. Proceed with change of employer application and hope your employer won’t raise an objection.