Hayya Platform Resets Host Family Guest List

28 FEBRUARY 2023 UPDATE: Residents of Qatar who hosted family and friends during the FIFA World Cup last year have received an email from Hayya Platform stating that their registered guests list has been reset. They can now add new guests to their registered properties.

Accommodation Details Should Be Added Again

The Hayya platform no longer shows the guests who visited during the World Cup. This means the host has to add the guests once more.

As a result of this reset, all visitors will again be required to update their accommodation facilities and select one of the accepted modes of residence, such as Host Family and Friends, a hotel booking or through other accommodation booking platforms, before travelling to the State of Qatar.

Email about resetting Hayya guest lists
Email about resetting Hayya guest lists

Hayya Card Status Will Not Be Affected

The Hayya application status of family members and friends who visited Qatar during the World Cup will not be affected, the email has confirmed.

According to a recent announcement from the Qatari Ministry of Interior (MoI), Hayya Card holders from outside Qatar will be able to enter Qatar until 10 January 2024, and stay until 24 January 2024.

Qatar residents can host up to 10 guests per property and register upto 5 properties on the Hayya platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot see the family members who were listed as guest under my Hayya account. Why is this?

The Hayya platform no longer shows the guests who visited during Qatar 2022. This is after the list of guests have been reset by Hayya Team.

What should I do if I want to bring my family members again?

If your family member’s name has been removed from the list, you can add them again by repeating the earlier steps.

Does this apply to newer guests who were added in 2023?

This does not apply to guests who were added for Hayya With Me 2023.

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  1. My Hayya with me 1+3 to bring guests was accessed wrongly by someone. can i cancel or deactivate the vouchers? this will prevent access to it by the thieves using the vouchers. on my platform it already says the vouchers are used.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Ali, We don’t think that it is possible unless you can prove that it was stolen. You may try calling Hayya helpline if you want.

  2. My hayya with me 1+3 voucher was stolen from me can i cancel them or restrict their use. although on my account it indicates used. can i cancel so the thief cannot have the previledge?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Biggy, We don’t think that it is possible unless you can prove that it was stolen. You may try calling Hayya helpline if you want.

  3. Hi there
    One of our host added our names and in one he had missed 2 letters. Will this be an issue when entering? The visa has the correct name and spellings. Please advise

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Resh, Normally the entry permit is what matters. If other details like passport number are correct, it should be OK.

  4. i created accomodation under my account and invited myself as guest, is there anyway to delete the property so i can add it to the right account, because when i add a property, it says that QID is already in use.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Kit, If you are not the QID holder, and you have received invitation email using someone else’s QID number (from your own account) it is normally accepted. If you want you can call Hayya Customer Care to delete that.

  5. Hi Doha Guide Team,
    My friend’s Hayya Permit has been approved with Hayya with me voucher, no one uploaded the accommodation for him, also accommodation type is not mentioned on permit, now is it necessary to be added by Host in accommodation or hotel booking for him before travelling to Qatar?


    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mashood, Someone can add invite him using “host family and friends” option, even after Entry Permit is approved (Here are the steps). If no one invites, he can book hotel and come.

  6. Arunk Konnakkal

    I’m resident in qatar , While hosting my family member I used different mail id of him , not the mail id used for creating Hayya card . But passport details are same as his Hayya . Is there any issue

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Arun, If he has received the email invitation, and accommodation is shown as blank on Entry Permit, it should be OK.

  7. Sir
    My Brother hosting family but
    One person name is spelling mistake. How to chenge this problams pleas tell me

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Muhammad, If you have received email invitation and all other details are correct, minor spelling mistake is OK. Just make sure the spelling in correct in Hayya Entry Permit.

  8. Hi Doha Guide Team,
    My wife has only Given Name as per passport and no Surname, what should I update in the Surname column in My Haya application.
    Kindly advise..!!

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Shariff, Use her father’s name as surname and upload both pages of passport (first + last page with father’s name).

  9. If email id was wrongly type and guest has not received the invitation email due to incorrect email id and guest cannot be added again as it shows the status of already added and guest accomodation type is also updated with host friends and family, so is it possible for host to delete the guest from his list and readd with correct email id so guest can receive invitation email? It can be done or not?

      1. If accomodation type is updated to host friends and family but u don’t have invitation email due to incorrect email id type.is entry permit with accomodation update will be enough to travel?

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Aisha, Normally it would be accepted if your Entry Permit’s accommodation status is updated (check by scanning the QR code). Please confirm with your airline also as some airlines are asking for invitation email. If they say it is compulsory, you will have to contact Hayya Team.

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