Hayya With Me (1+3) Voucher To Bring Guests (Updated 2024)

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Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy had launched the “Hayya With Me” (1+3) feature in 2022, allowing international fans with match tickets and approved Hayya Cards to bring up to three non-ticket holders.

This article will explain how Hayya Card holders can bring guests (friends and family members) using the “Hayya With Me (1+3)” by sending them Hayya With Me voucher code.

NOTE: The below article has been updated with new requirements for 2024.

10 FEBRUARY 2024 Update: The deadline for entry under the Hayya With Me (C) scheme came to a close on February 10, 2024. The last date of stay in Qatar will be February 24, 2024.

What is ‘Hayya With Me’

Hayya With Me is a feature that allowed a match ticket holder to invite up to 3 non-ticketed guests to enter Qatar during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Hayya With Me allowed non-ticketed guests, such as relatives or friends, to enter Qatar and enjoy the festivities, including fan zones, concerts etc. However, they cannot attend any matches without a match ticket. 

The Hayya With Me feature is back in 2023, and allows international fans to bring up to 3 friends and family members (who do not have Hayya Card).

If you are a Hayya card holder looking to visit Qatar, please check our guide on how to visit Qatar using Hayya Card in 2024.

Hayya Card Validity Extension 2023
Announcement From Qatar’s Ministry of Interior

Can all Hayya Card holders bring non-ticket fans?

This feature is only available to international fans aged 18 or above who applied using a match ticket number. They should also have confirmed accommodation and approved Hayya Card. Qatar residents are not eligible for this feature.

Is this feature free for international fans?

In 2022, there was a fee of QR 500 per non-ticketed fan above 12 years. Children below 12 years could be added free of cost. The good news is that currently, there is no fee for Hayya With Me. It is issued completely free of cost.

Requirements for “Hayya With Me”

The following are the requirements for applying for Hayya With Me (1+3) feature:

  • The applicant should be an international fan (Residents are not eligible)
  • The applicant should be aged above 18
  • The applicant should have a confirmed accommodation
  • The applicant’s Hayya Card should be approved
  • The guest should have a valid passport
  • From 1 February 2023, visitors are required to have health insurance

 How Hayya Card Holders Can Bring Non-Ticket Holders

The process to invite non-ticket holders will be a two-stage process.

Stage 1: To be done by the Hayya Card holder

The first stage should be done by the Hayya card holder as follows:

Step 1: Log in to your Hayya account

You should use the same email and password that you used for creating the account in 2022.

Step 2: Select ‘My Hayya’ and click ‘Action’

My Hayya Action Menu

Step 3: Select ‘Hayya with Me’

Hayya With Me option will be shown as a drop-down menu. The Hayya Card application should already be approved for this feature.

Hayya With Me Option Screen
Hayya With Me Option Screen

Step 4: You can see three voucher codes

These are your “Hayya With Me Voucher Codes”.

Hayya With Me Voucher Codes
Hayya With Me Voucher Codes

Step 5: These voucher codes should be given to non-ticketed guests

Please note that each guest needs a different “Hayya With Me Voucher Code”. Multiple guests cannot use the same code.

Stage 2: To be done by the guest

The second stage should be done by the guest (friend or family member) as follows:

Step 1: Create a Hayya Account and Login

  • Go to the Hayya Portal.
  • Click “Apply For Hayya”.
  • If you don’t have an account, sign up here using your email ID.
  • Once your email ID is confirmed, log in using the same email ID and password.

Step 2: Click on “Apply for Hayya”

This option is available on the top menu.

Step 3: From ‘Applicant Category’, select ‘Hayya with Me (C)’

Hayya With Me Applicant Category 2023
Hayya With Me – Select Applicant Category

Step 4: Enter the voucher code received from the Hayya Card holder

This should be the “Hayya With Me Voucher Code” received during the first stage explained earlier.

Hayya With Me 2023 Add Voucher Code
Add Hayya With Me Voucher Code

Step 5: Click on ‘Validate my Voucher’

The system will validate the voucher. Once validated, you can proceed with the application.

Step 6: Review and accept the terms

This will be active only if your voucher details are validated.

Hayya Accept Terms
Review and accept the terms

Step 7: Upload photo and passport details

For more details on photo and passport files, please see this article on how to apply for a Hayya Card.

Step 8: Enter your personal details and contact information

Hayya Card Application International
Complete the required fields

Step 9: Click on the “Review & Submit” button

You will receive the updates in your email. Once your application is approved, you will receive an entry permit to the State of Qatar via email. 

Stage 3: Accommodation

The guest should have confirmed accommodation before travelling. If the guest is using a hotel accommodation, he only needs a hotel booking. The details of hotel booking should be uploaded to “Upload Other Platforms Booking” on the Hayya portal.

If the guest is staying with a Qatar resident, the resident should register his property on Hayya portal and add the guest to it. Here is our guide on how to register on Hayya portal to host family and friends. As per the new update in April, the host should invite the guest before the guest can apply for Hayya.

Note: Nowadays National Address Certificate is also accepted instead of Tenancy Contract.

Here is a video explaining all about the Hayya With Me option:

You can also watch the same video in Malayalam and Hindi.

What is Hayya Card

The Hayya Card is a mandatory fan ID introduced during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. The Hayya Card facilitated the entry to Qatar for international fans and provided access to stadiums (for ticket holders) as well as free public transport for the duration of the tournament.

What is Hayya With Me Voucher Code

Hayya With Me Voucher Code” is a unique code available to international match ticket holders. Each international match ticket holder will receive three unique codes on their Hayya platform.

They can use these codes to invite up to three family members or friends with them. The invited guests can use this code to apply for their own Hayya permit to enter Qatar.

For technical issues, please contact the Hayya Helpline at +974 4441 2022 or email [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Qatar residents bring non-ticket holders using Hayya?

No, only international fans with match ticket holders can bring non-ticket holders using Hayya With Me feature.

Is there any age limit for the guest?

There is no age limit for non-ticketed guests. However, the inviting match ticket holder has to be aged 18 or above, must hold a valid passport and cannot be a Qatar ID holder.

Do Hayya Card holders need a tourist visa to enter Qatar?

No, You need only Hayya Entry Permit, return flight tickets, and health insurance.

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  1. Hi If I delete my haya account can I use the same voucher again for my friend on which I applied for my haya card

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Mohammad, a Hayya voucher which has been validated once cannot be reused (even if your Hayya account is deleted).

  2. Hi DG,
    previously my application was rejected and has been corrected now the application has been submitted again. how many days for approval on a new application

  3. Hi DG, I just want to know if when the Visit/Tourist Visa will Resume? Because I want to apply visit visa for my sister . I have friend she has Hayya Card but she just arrived here with working visa.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Glen, There is no update on Tourist Visa. You can apply Family Visit Visa for your sister. If you can get a Hayya voucher, you can apply for Hayya visa also.

  4. Hello DG, Good Day! I Have a friend she is Hayya Card Holder and she was here last December 18, 2022 till January 23, 2023 and she’ll traveling back here next week with Working Visa, It is possible that she can still use her Hayya Card Voucher to bring 3 friends from Philippines even she’s already here and holding Working Visa/Resident’s Permit?..

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Almeera, If the voucher codes are available, she can. Note that most probably her Hayya will be cancelled before her RP is issued. So use the voucher codes before that.

  5. Hello DG!

    I have applied for Haya Card for a visitor since March 9, 2023. Till date it has not been approved unlike the first one which took less than 72hrs. Is there any reason for the delay?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi, Each applicant gets separate Entry Permits. The main applicant need not travel with the guests (or even travel at all).

  6. Hi
    I have international hayya card with ticket but “hayya with me” option is not showing under actions tab. I have reinstalled the app, logout-login the id but still same. Any help?

  7. Hi DG and other viewers, Can anyone share their recent experience with National Address Certificate Accepted as Accommodation for “Hayya with me”? I am a Resident (QID Holder) Family is visiting using National Address Certificate (provided by Metrash App). Need Confirmation on this please. I already Hosted using this and they already got Emails with NAC Address in it.

  8. Hi DG team,
    Greetings for the Day.

    I am from India.
    Can one of my Friend from Philippines call Guest from India ?
    Or ticket holder and Haaya with me guest should be from same nationality?


  9. Hi DG Team.
    my hayya card has been approved. although my friend in qatar previously registered his house and my name on hayya site and i received a confirmation email but the accommodation type in hayya card is empty.
    please guide me

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Hadi, Usually it takes a few days to update accommodation type. It is OK to travel even if your accommodation type on Entry Permit is blank. You just need to show the invitation email and other documents.

  10. How many days individual can stay with a vouchar entry? And can they come again with the same vouchar code? Or it is only for one time use.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Murtaza ali, Visitors can enter unlimited times and stay until 24 January 2024. There is no limit on duration of stay.

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Murtaza, The MOPH website says you need until January 2024. But so far it is not strictly implemented. Even those with insurance up to the date of return flight is being allowed entry.

  11. Is there any limitation on the stay duration? Will it be ok if we book the return ticket after 6 months?

  12. Hi all,
    Just sharing my experience, I did Hayya with me voucher thing for 3 members. For me, it took max 4 days of time to get the status from “Pending” to “Approved”. just for your information. 🙂

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Ashraf khan, Hayya card is multiple entry visa. So if you have Saudi visa, you can exit and come back to Qatar. Note that you still to apply for Saudi visa.

  13. Dear DG,
    I have applied Hayya with me for my wife and daughter , my wife’s Hayya is approved within 4 days. but my daughters Hayya with me is not approved its being 20 days over.
    When i asked about it by calling 8002022 they said nothing wrong in the application every thing is ok. but they and I don’t know why its delaying. i have to buy air ticket to both of them accordingly. air ticket price is also increasing day by day.
    Do I have to visit hayya center to get it approved ? if so where is the location of Hayya center ?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Shiraz, Hayya Service Centres have closed after the World Cup. So your only option is to wait or call helpline. It is normal that one application gets delayed while another one gets approved soon. We are seeing this in many cases nowadays.

  14. HI DG,
    I received hayya approval for both my wife and daughter, the local host had already added and both received invitations, but the accommodation detail was only updated in my wife’s hayya and not in my daughter’s.

    Please advise on this, when accommodation detail will be updated in my daughters hayya. What to do incase if it is not updated.

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi GK, Sometimes it may take few days to update. If you have received two invitation emails (one each for your wife and daughter) that is enough to travel.

      1. Hi DG,

        Yes i recieved two mails, and in both invitation mail there is no surname for my wife and daughter, only addressed directly to them, is there will be any issue?

  15. hi DG Team. I applied for hayya card through the voucher code and it was approved and the entry permit was emailed to me. But the accommodation type is shown as blank on the hayya card. Is it enough to have a hotel voucher? Or should i upload it?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Hadi, Hotel booking is enough to travel. You don’t have to upload it. Just show it during check-in.
      If any Qatar resident invites you to stay at their accommodation (through Hayya portal), your Entry Permit will be updated and you won’t need a hotel.

  16. Hi, i have added my family members in my Hayya as they r planning to visit mid march and they have already received the emails but when they follow the instructions they are asking for some voucher code but i cant find in my Action pop up or anywhere else. What can be the reason and how it can be done? I uploaded the rent agreement which is on my company name and iam the owner of the same company as iam paying this. Is that can be the reason? Pls help how to solve this issue?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Subodh, Only international fans who had Hayya card during 2022 World Cup will see voucher codes. Qatar residents will not get this. For Hayya With Me 2023, the first step is that each visitor should have one voucher code. You should get this code from someone who visited Qatar in 2022. Hosting accommodation and inviting guests is the last step. Please read the article or watch the video carefully without skipping.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply but still it is not clear to me. How will i get the code from the people who visited in 2022?Nobody known to me has visited. Iam hosting my Sister and her kids so cant they enter just with that email invitation which they have received while adding there names by me on portal? Also Kindly share the video link which you are talking about. Pls would really appreciate if u help me by giving detailed information or procedure to follow.

        1. Doha Guides Team

          Hi Subodh,

          First of all, this “Hayya With Me 2023” visa type is not created for Qatar residents to bring their families (although everyone does that). The idea is that international Hayya Card visitors can bring their family and friends when they visit Qatar. That is why the voucher code is only available to international visitors (who purchased match tickets in 2022 or was FIFA organiser).

          Qatar residents will not get voucher code even if they purchased match ticket. All Qatar residents who are bringing family members nowadays have got their voucher codes from someone else (who is not resident). Here is what you should do:

          (1) Find any international Hayya Card holder who is willing to share his codes with you. You need one code for each visitor.
          (2) Using the voucher codes, apply for your family’s Hayya Cards. Once approved, they will receive Hayya Entry Permits.
          (3) Add your family members to your accommodation through Hayya portal. They will receive invitation and they can use it as proof of accommodation. Qatar residents can invite guests to stay with them so that they do not have to stay in hotels. If no one invites, guests can still come and stay in a hotel.

          The most important document is Hayya Entry Permit. The hosting part comes as the last stage and not mandatory.
          Here is the video link (already in the article): https://youtu.be/I_ZVDCIRyns

  17. Why does it say “we will be back shortly” when I go to “My Hayya”. I need to get the voucher codes but I can’t do this because of this issue.

  18. I applied for Hayya card on February 25. It’s not out and l already booked accommodation and return ticket for 3March to 14March. Is there a way of making them review my application fast. I only have tomorrow. I didn’t know that tourist Visa was cancelled when l made my bookings for the ticket.

      1. Perfect Ngwenya

        I did try calling them they said will have to wait. Am really stuck l booked the return ticket and there is no refund. I booked accommodation they are saying no refund either. I have up to today 4pm UK time to change date on my ticket Qatar Airways but as for accommodation it’s a huge loss. If you can help please do l am really really stressed now l was looking forward for a small holiday in a peaceful place.

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