Ehteraz App Not Working? What You Can Do (2022)

Ehteraz mobile app is an innovative mobile application designed and developed by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior for Covid-19 tracking. It is the official app being used for contact tracing in Qatar. The word “ehteraz” means “precaution” in Arabic.

Since 22 May 2020, Qatar has made Ehteraz app installation compulsory for all citizens and residents when leaving the house for any reason – as a precautionary measure to limit the spread of Covid-19.

The Ehteraz app is also required when entering shops, restaurants, shopping malls, and other commercial establishments around Qatar. Individuals with “Green” healthy status on the app are the only ones allowed entry to these places.

Visitors to Qatar are also required to install and activate the Ehteraz app using a local or international SIM card before leaving the airport. 

Here are the detailed steps to activate Ehteraz mobile app, solutions to problems you may face while using the app and answers to frequently asked questions.

NOTE: If you are looking for Ehteraz pre-registration for travelling to Qatar, you can apply on the Ehteraz website without using the mobile app. Here is the complete guide on Ehteraz pre-travel registration.

Features of Ehteraz Mobile App

  1. Ehteraz app generates a QR code showing infection or vaccination status (when available) to other individuals for safe interaction with the broader community.
  2. It provides notifications when someone is exposed to a suspected, infected, or confined person.
  3. It helps identify locations with high infection rates for the relevant authorities to take prompt action to prevent further spread and higher risk exposure to the public.
  4. The app also provides official announcements on health, social distancing, containment efforts, and up to date Covid-19 statistics.

Requirements to Install the Ehteraz App

The following are the requirements to install Ehteraz app on your phone:

  • Local or an international SIM card
  • Mobile internet connection
  • The smartphone should support Android 6.0, newer versions or iOS 13.5 and later versions.
  • Users need to have both location and Bluetooth settings turned on at all times for Ehteraz to work correctly.

SIM cards and smartphones are available for purchase at Hamad International Airport and Abu Samra border crossing if passengers do not own them before arrival.

Registering Ehteraz App Without QID

Earlier, non-QID holders could not register on the Ehteraz app as it required a QID number to complete the registration. The recently updated version allows non-QID holders (visitors) to register using a Passport number, Visa number or GCC ID number.

How to Register on the Ehteraz App

Step 1: Download Ehteraz app from Google Play Store or App Store

Here are the links to download the app:

Google Play Store Link

Apple App Store Link

Step 2: Open the app and click on “Start” button

When the app is opened you can find a maroon “Start” button at the bottom of the app. Click on that.

Do not click on the “Pre-Registration System” link on top, as it is for getting Ehteraz approval to travel to Qatar.

Ehteraz App Opening Screen

Step 3: Accept the privacy policy

Read the privacy policy and click on the “Accept” button

Step 4: Give the required permissions

The app would ask for permission to make calls, access device location etc. Press “OK” or “Accept” as required.

Step 5: Register using QID / Passport / Visa / GCC ID number

The latest version of the Ehteraz app has four document types to choose from, namely QID, Passport, Visa or GCC ID. You can select your preferred document type from the drop-down menu. It would also ask for your Mobile number, Document expiry date and Nationality (in some options). For residents, it is better to register with QID.

Ehteraz App Registration Screen

Step 6: Click on “Get Verification Pin”

Once you click on “Get Verification Pin”, you will receive an OTP through SMS.

Step 7: Enter the OTP

The app will verify the OTP and your mobile will be registered on the system.

What Do the Colours on Ehteraz App Mean?

The QR Code on the app screen will be either of these four colours:

Ehteraz App Colour Codes

GREEN indicates that a user has no Covid-19 symptoms or has a negative test result.

YELLOW indicates the individual is currently confined to quarantine. The health status on the Ehterz app will remain yellow throughout the quarantine period until the result of the Covid-19 test comes out negative.

RED indicates a positive case of coronavirus.

GREY indicates that the user is a suspected case and is exhibiting symptoms, or the user is someone who has come into contact with an infected person or is someone awaiting their test result.

Suppose an individual is suspected by the health authorities to be infected, the status on Ehteraz changes to grey. Once the Covid-19 test is done, the status changes to yellow and remains yellow until the results are known. The QR code can also be yellow if a close family member has a red status or in other circumstances where there is a high possibility of immediate exposure to an infected person.

If the test results are positive, the status changes to red, and if the results are negative, the status changes back to green.

According to the Ministry of Interior, individuals who have a health profile code of Grey colour should stay at home and should not go out because they are classified as among those who have symptoms or contact with positive cases and have not yet been examined.

Recovered Status on Ehteraz Mobile App

With the recent updates, the Ehteraz app now shows recovered status for those who have previously been infected with Covid-19. You can also see your Health Card number, Date of the last test, Last Covid test result, and Vaccination details.

14 FEBRUARY 2022: A new Ehteraz update is available featuring a prominent Recovered Status icon. Individuals infected with COVID-19 in the past 9 months will have the icon displayed in Ehteraz. An official test result at an approved medical facility is required to confirm the Recovered Status – rapid antigen self-tests are not valid. Individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 9 months are eligible for the same privileges as vaccinated individuals under the COVID-19 restrictions and can show their Recovered Status icon to prove their eligibility.

Ehteraz Golden Frame for Vaccinated Users 

The Health Status on the Ehteraz mobile app for fully vaccinated persons in Qatar will remain Green with a Golden Frame. This indicates that they are excluded from quarantine, their PCR test result is negative, and they have completed the prescribed doses of the vaccine.

According to MoPH, the Golden Frame will appear around the QR code in the app after seven days since the second dose of the vaccine.

28 DECEMBER 2021 UPDATE: With effect from 1 February 2022, individuals whose second Covid-19 vaccine dose was more than 9 months ago will be considered unvaccinated and will lose their Gold Frame (immunized) status on Ehteraz. Receiving a booster vaccine dose will reinstate their Gold Frame status for a further 9 months.

The Health Status for citizens and residents who have received the vaccine outside Qatar will remain green without a Golden Frame until their vaccine data is updated in the system.

Common Problems With Ehteraz App

These are some of the common issues faced while using the Ehteraz app:

  • Ehteraz app not turning green
  • Ehteraz app showing a question mark
  • Ehteraz app not updating
  • Ehteraz app exceeded the number of activation
  • Ehteraz app not registering
  • Ehteraz app colour not changing
  • Ehteraz app not showing vaccinated
  • Ehteraz app not showing health card etc.

What You Can Do To Solve Ehteraz App Problems

You can solve most of these problems by following the below steps. These are the suggestions given by Ehteraz technical team for users who faced these issues. There is a high chance that trying the below steps would solve your issue.

Also, note that your vaccination details on Ehteraz will be updated only after 7 days of your second dose vaccination. The PCR test results also may take a few hours to be updated on the app. So do not rush to these steps immediately.

If your issue gets resolved at any of the below steps, DO NOT proceed to the next.

Step 1: Make sure the internet is connected, Bluetooth and location is enabled

Often these problems can be due to simple issues like internet connectivity issues, Bluetooth disabled or location turned off. MOI has advised all users to make sure the following:

  • Do not disconnect your phone from the internet
  • Keep your Bluetooth enabled
  • Keep location feature activated

You can also try turning off wifi and using mobile data instead.

Ehteraz App Instructions From MOI 2
Source: MOI Social Media

Step 2: Make sure your Ehteraz app is updated, and your phone’s OS is updated

  • For Android, 6.0 and above is required
  • For iPhone, iOS 13.5 and above is required
  • The phone’s OS should not be modified (jail break)

If you are using an older phone and it is not possible to update the OS, then you have to use another phone that will support the app.

Step 3: Restart the phone

Another option is to restart the phone. Often this will reset the issues with the Ehteraz app.

Step 4: Check for conflicting apps

If your Ehteraz suddenly stops working, see if you have recently installed any new app that may be conflicting (eg. Photo Retouch app). If yes, deactivate that and try.

You can also try to force stop all other apps. Go to Settings > Apps > Choose app > Force Stop.

Step 5: Turn off VPN if it is turned on

If you have any Virtual Private Network (VPN) app on your phone, it may prevent Ehteraz from working normally.

Step 6: Force stop Ehteraz app in the App Info then open it again

Go to Settings > Apps > EHTERAZ > Force Stop.

Step 7: Verify by clicking the open yellow lock

If you can see an open yellow lock near the QR code, click on “Press to verify”. The app will then ask for verification details.

You cannot try this if your app is showing the closed green lock.

Step 8: Clear the app’s Data and Cache from your phone

If the above steps did not work, we can try clearing the app’s cache and data.

Go to phone’s Settings > Apps > EHTERAZ > Storage > Clear Data and Clear Cache

You will have to register again as your app’s memory would be cleared after this action.

Step 9: Uninstall the app and reinstall from Play Store / App Store

If none of the above resolves your issues, the last option is to uninstall the Ehteraz app and download a new version.

To uninstall the app, you can long-press the app icon and select the “Uninstall” or “Delete” option (This method may not work on some phones).

Note that the Ministry of Interior has warned users to avoid repeated deleting and downloading of the app. If the issue does not resolve after a one-time reinstall, do not repeat that. Instead, contact the Ehteraz technical team for support.

Optimal Use of Ehteraz App
Source: MOI Social Media

Ehteraz App Contact Number

If you are still facing technical issues on the Ehteraz app, you can contact the Qatar Government Contact Centre (Hukoomi) on 109 (inside Qatar) or +974-44069999. It is available 24/7 and available in 9 different languages.

The e-mail address to contact Hukoomi is [email protected]. There is also a live chat service on

Copyright © – Full or partial reproduction of this article in any language is prohibited.

FAQ About Ehteraz App

Do I need a Qatar SIM card for activating the Ehteraz app?

No, you can activate the latest version of the Ehteraz app with an international SIM card also. 

How do I register Ehteraz mobile app without QID?

The new version of the Ehteraz mobile app has the option to register using either QID number, Visa number, Passport number or GCC ID number.

How does Ehteraz detect infected persons nearby?

When two registered users come within Bluetooth range of each other, their Ehteraz Apps will automatically exchange anonymized ID with devices in close proximity. This information is used for contact tracing to alert individuals who are at risk of infection.

How can I change my Ehteraz phone number?

You can deactivate the Ehteraz app from your phone and reinstall the app using another number. Make sure to clear the data and cache from your phone.

Would Ehteraz consume my mobile data?

No, Qatar’s mobile networks Ooredoo and Vodafone have announced that downloading and data usage for the Ehteraz app will be free. So you can use the app even without losing your phone’s mobile da

Are children required to have EHTERAZ app?

Children under 18 years old are not required to install the Ehteraz app. However, it is highly encouraged that children who have QID and their own smartphones have the app installed and turned on as an added safety precaution.

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  1. Hi i bought new iphone i cannot register my ehteraz. Once i put all my details the and try to register the application is crashing. It’s automatically closing.

  2. I have the same trouble, cannot register ehteraz as it keeps showing “invalid document no.” for my passport.

    1. Hi, did you find a fix to “invalid document number”? I’ve been trying to register since the 13th with my UK passport and phone number and it’s still not working. I’ve tried all the suggested fix options above. Thanks

    2. To whom may still suffer (android users)
      I solved this issue by googling for older version of ehteraz. You may download it from other app stores like aptoid. You can register on old version then update in the google store for the latest version.
      hope this could help.

  3. Dear all,
    The app is telling me « invalid document number »
    Does someone has the solution?
    Here for 3 days and I have to go working.
    Please help.

    Many thanks

  4. Mohamed farshin

    Hello. When i try to register eheteraz it says invalid document number. Ibe tried contacting costumer care but issue has not heen solved yet if anyone knows how to solve the issue please let me know. Thank you

    1. Good morning Mohamed,
      Did you find the solution?
      I m in the same situation right now.
      Thank you very much,

      1. Mohamed farshin

        Hey Jeremy, i haven’t solved it out yet. Its been 12 days since i registered the complaint and still counting 😔

    2. An update on case it helps anyone – The error message “invalid document number” seems to be an android issue. I have just loaded my details onto an iPhone and it is now working, showing my green status with no vaccine information but at least green.

      1. Mohamed farshin

        Hey mel. Ive tried using iphone as well but still doesn’t work. You have any other tip? How long did it take to solve the issue?

    3. For me when I’m trying to register EHTERAZ its keep showing’ invalid document number’ please if anyone there how to register it correctly please help me

    1. My EHTERAZ is I can’t register, it’s showing invalid document number what I can do or how to fix this issues please help me…
      Thank you

  5. its not working if you want all these permissions then have the app install with them set to what you need

  6. I am very sorry but I cannot navigate the app. I need to travel to Qatar and cannot get this app to work I do not know what to do. I have called the embassy and they also cant help me.
    What am I meant to do?
    Gael Bell

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Gael, Please see if your phone is an old model. On iPhone, it requires iOS 13.1 or later. On Android, it required Android 6.0.

  7. Sir my ehteraz was uninstall reinstall again but registration error connecting issue
    Please help me now i’m in India how I can come back in qatar

  8. any updates on why ehteraz is not wrking and travellers are not able to come out of airport and are send back to their country ?

    1. Doha Guides Team

      Hi Archana, There is some delay in Ehteraz approvals due to the recent changes in rules (cash not accepted for visa on arrival). Travellers who were sent back had come without knowing these changes and did not have Ehteraz pre-approvals.

  9. While activating ehteraz mobile number should be under the same personal name for getting otp?kindly advise

  10. Hi hello I receive my tickets number of my etheraz, because I’m already fully vaccinated but my ehteraz did not golden

  11. Hi, your website is really useful. If the visitor want to install app and he has used the visa or passport number how wil he get the one time password without a SIM card and his phone is not on international roaming or he doesn’t have a international sim

  12. I landed in Qatar on 06 January and completed 2 days mandatory quarantine. I am not able to register in Ehteraz App since then due to document error. Lodged complaint on 109 and following up daily with them and waiting for a resolution. I am getting a routine reply verbally and by mail, the back end team is working on it please wait. More than three weeks now waiting for their response in a closed room

    1. Mohamed farshin

      Hi suresh. I am facing a similar issue now. Have the issue been solved for you? If yes please let me know how .

  13. Hi all,

    App finally changed. We have done another pcr test for 160qar at the west bay. Now it is showing green 🙂 If you are still stuck in yellow mode, maybe try this.

    Best regards

  14. Reinstalling Ehteraz app deleted vaccination info, and removed golden frame from health status. Is there a difference between registering Ehteraz on QID or passport#? They should reflect the same information, right?
    Communication between 109 and 16000 indicated technical problem, but no resolution.
    Any similar experience perhaps?

  15. I have a problem. I entered the country 10 days ago and came to a quarantine hotel which did an official antigen test after 2 days. unfortunately the app is still yellow. how do i get the shitty app green???

  16. Hi,
    I need someone to help, tickets are being opened from calling 109 and no one from the actual Technical Team is working on it or responding to it. My Ehteraz is red since the 10th of Jan 2022.

    Yesterday the 24th I did the Antigen again thinking I will be negative and the result will soon reflect on ehteraz to Green. NOW antigen result is Negative But Ehteraz still RED.

    I did all the steps from uninstalling, removed VPN, cleared cache, even installed the app on another phone device… Nothing Works. Its Still RED.

  17. I have landed to Qatar on 16 January 2022 and I am fully vaccinated with sinovac and as per policy I have completed my 2 days quarantine in Hotel and on 18 January 2022 I got swap test report which was negative but till to date my ehteraz app is still yellow. I lodged complain on 109 but from last 6 days agents saying technical team is working there is no timeline for the resolution of this issue.
    Can any body help in this.

  18. Does anyboday has solved this issue? Im stuck in quarantine as well. I cant even buy food due to this stupid app. PCR test is negative, but it is still yellow… Please help me

    1. Hi Jodok,
      Let give the app all permissions needed: bluetooth, locations,… Then restart the phone, it may help. I did the PCR test today, and my Ehteraz change from Yellow to Green after 4 hous since I received the result.

      1. Hi Tony, thank you for your response.

        I have done this things already. It has been now 7 Days after the negative pcr test. But the app still yellow.
        The call center is just forwarding my calls until i am told they will have a look on it..

        It crazy

        1. I vaccinated my secound dose at 9th of september 2021 in srilanka. today i registered my etheras app to another sim in quatar . But in vaccination tab shows the vaccine information will displayed after 7 days of the secound dose . What happen to my app. How can i correct that. Please help me.

        2. Hi Tony,

          I received a letter with a QR code from the Moph.
          Even with scanning the yellow status does not change to green.


    2. Nothing is working for me either. Been in country since 15th . Completed 2 days quarantine non-native test nothing. A repeat negative test still nothing after 48 hours from that’ test. I can’t go anywhere and my vacation will be up soon

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